Club History
This Group was formed by a group of breeders/fanciers in October 1951.  Some of our founders listed by Mrs. Abrahms are as follows: Betty Kilpatrick, a judge/breeder; Margaret Sapp; Dorothy and Lou Neff; Rosemary Neff who is currently a member; Taylor and Jane Simpson; Esther and Alva Bueigerniss; Jerry Bower. Also, Dorothy and Ernest Abrahms; Dick and Betty Hart [LittleBeldams], Sue and Stanley Kraft[ Ludlam], Doris and Walter Fink, Micky Zeiski [Blue Ebony], A.M Stackhouse[Greenbrier], were early charter members. During those years they met at the Moorestown Community House in Moorestown, NJ.

Some Past Presidents were Dorothy Abrahms, Thomas Campbell [ P'Gells ], Walter Fink [WhiteDeer], Mark Web [P G's], Len Hilder [Carlen], John Etchells [Deerhill], Regina Baker [Bitterswete], Linda Sheppherd [Overboard], Kim Vavolo [VC's Cockers], Pat Crew [Tucker].

The first Specialty was held in conjunction with Burlington County Kennel Club Show at Millside Farms in the 1950's. Later Burlington County Kennel Club moved to Palmyra football field and the club had its first Sweepstakes, chaired by Dorothy and Ernest Abrahms.

In the late 1960's the SNJCSC decided to have their Specialty with Southern Jersey Kennel Club. Our club always had a reputation for serving great food and having wonderful hospitality, and still does to this day. Today the fanciers look forward to our October Specialty with Regina Baker and Pat Crew’s scrumptious food.

On June 25th, 1982, SNJCSC marked its first AKC Plan A Obedience Match. Our plan B Match was held in August 1984. The first Obedience trail was held in conjunction with our October Specialty in 1985.

In 1989, we hosted an ASC Zone l meeting at our October Specialty. We celebrated our 50th show on October 6th, 2002.

In reflecting over the past 35 years of my membership, the club members through the years have had high breeding standards being careful to [a] test their dogs for health problems, [b] breed for good temperament and sound bodies, [c] be careful in selecting their puppy owners, [d] NEVER sell to puppy mills, and [e] educate the public in the care of the cocker spaniel. All club members are also required to sign the Breeder’s Code Of Ethics. Because of our high standards, we have contributed greatly to the destiny of the Cocker Spaniel. The most important ingredient that brings us all together is the love of the adorable American Cocker Spaniel!!

Compiled by Dorothy Abrahms/ Alice Devlin

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