Welcome to the official web-site of the Southern New Jersey Cocker Spaniel Club  Inc,.

The club hosts numerous events, including conformation specialties, obedience trials, rally trials, show and go’s and fun matches, and we include Canine Good Citizen Tests and therapy dog testing at our matches.  The club also,  has had many programs at its regular meetings on topics such as grooming, genetics, nutrition, anatomy, tracking, CPR and first aid. In addition, each year the club sponsors an eye clinic and microchip clinic for all breeds.

The club is a member of the New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs, as well the American Dog Owners Association. These organizations keep us informed as to various aspects of dog ownership, including legal issues.  We are also a member club of the American Spaniel Club.

This web site is a resource for people interested in the club and Cocker Spaniels.  It contains information on the issues and activities involving the Club and the Cocker Spaniel. 

We strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club and the American Spaniel Club, as well as our own club Code of Ethics

Southern New Jersey Cocker Spaniel Club

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